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Parking Services closing early on June 26 and 27, 2014


National HIV Testing Day - June 27, 2014


Summer 2014 - Public health alert: Unusually high influenza activity


For sale: Oak corner desk unit ($700)


Summer 2014: Penn State University asking for help in researching university workplace stress


Charting a more efficient medical education

Primera Donation to WWAMI Program

Medical students traditionally spent countless hours listening to lectures about biochemistry, anatomy and other subjects before becoming doctors. An Alaska WWAMI committee crafted a curriculum that will move students out of lectures and into team situations to hone critical-thinking skills.

The lizards, chickens and shelter dogs of Lemonade Day Alaska

Lemonade Day

A lemonade stand named for a pet lizard, a flock of charitable "Lemonade Chickens" and yellow tutu-wearing dancers with a shelter dog. Saturday was a day for creative entrepreneurs: Lemonade Day Alaska.

Theresa Cho: Undergraduate advice from a senior

Theresa Cho

With experience comes wisdom and UAA senior Theresa Cho has some to share. Lesson 1: "Allow yourself to be pushed. It's how you grow confidence." A first-generation college student, Theresa has just a few remaining classes and medical school is on the horizon.

Project 49: Muddy Acres Homemakers’ Club


“One dark, rainy day in September, 1952, a group of eight women met to form a new Homemakers’ Club. Upon looking out the window at the area surrounding them, they all agreed that ‘Muddy Acres’ would be an appropriate name for the club, and it has stuck to this day." Meet Alaska's take on June Cleaver.

June 2014: Athletic Department closed Friday; Wells Fargo Sports Complex remains open


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