Reminder: UAA will never ask for personal information via email

by Michelle Saport  |   

Despite all the measures IT Services' takes, we see from time to time emails asking us to provide our university usernames, passwords or other personal information to seemingly legitimate groups.

In 100 percent of these cases, these email requests are so-called "phishing exploits," where hackers attempt to obtain personal information for illegal purposes. Giving up your personal information may compromise your credit or banking relationships and can cause huge inconveniences for you. Giving up your university username and password can result in significant (although in most cases temporary) harm to UAA's mail system. Please be skeptical of any email you receive that asks you for personal information.

UAA IT Services will NEVER ask via email for any personal information. No reputable organization will either. If you receive a message that is questionable, do not respond but do forward the message to immediately. Please help us ensure that UAA's mail service maintains a high mail reputation.

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