July 2014 Archive

Alumni Spotlight: Amy Meissner

I AM UAA: Amy Meissner

Amy is no stranger to artistic reinvention. This former custom wedding gown maker is also a writer, a children's book illustrator and a textile artist.

Peering into the culture of subsistence and sharing

fish on rack_nunap

Fisheries in Alaska can and do crash, so how do families in subsistence areas help each other through times of scarcity? UAA scientists are exploring indigenous cultures to find out.

Catching up with UAA veterans and their advocate, Nichole Grunwald

Nichole Grunwald

She went from an undergraduate student veteran to a staff advocate, shaping UAA's true home for veterans on campus. She has many fresh ideas for making UAA veteran friendly.

Peeling back layers of living in Anchorage

mountain view image

UAA's Bree Kessler couldn't find a map that conveyed the myriad meanings Anchorage has for its residents. So she and faculty and student colleagues are creating a community atlas to do just that.

Summer 2014: Planetarium schedule spotlights solstice, fractals, lunar exploration and more


Located in ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building, Room 220, the UAA Planetarium and Visualization Theater hosts regular Friday night shows. The full-dome theater offers viewers an immersive experience, with each show delving into a scientific topic. Read on for the complete summer schedule.