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Expand your cooking repertoire with 'Mother Sauces' and 'Creative Cooking Series' classes


2014 Alaska Book Week


Alumni of Distinction: Ted Trueblood

Ted Trueblood

With a career in civil engineering stretching back to the Good Friday Earthquake, Ted has had a hand in the immense expansion of Anchorage over the past 50 years. When he first moved to town, there were only two paved roads in the entire city.

Slideshow: The beauty of fall on UAA's campus

UAA Campus

Monday was the first official day of autumn, and here in Anchorage and at UAA the fall colors are certainly out in full force. UAA photographer Philip Hall took a walkabout around campus this week to snap some photos of our beautiful campus in all its green and gold glory.

From the Northwest coast of Alaska comes an artistic surprise

I Am UAA - Kira Eckenweiler

Most Alaskans wouldn’t link the word opera with Unalakleet, a community of 700 located just at the mouth of its namesake river on Norton Sound. Maybe not, until now. UAA vocal performance student and coloratura soprano Kira Eckenweiler grew up in Unalakleet.

Arctic social science: Q-and-A with Diane Hirshberg

Ceramic Heater

Most Arctic development conversations begin with talk of new shipping lanes, or climate change. Two social science events at UAA last week asked a different question: How can Arctic peoples survive and thrive in a time of rapid environmental and economic change in their region? Diane Hirshberg leads us through their discussion.

Concocting vivid new worlds

Cecil Brown

He doesn't quite know yet where he wants his life to end up, but he's enjoyed recording the images and writing the stories of all the places and people he's encountered during his voyages. Meet Cecil Brown.

The myth of #mommybrain and why it matters to women


Are women ditzy when they are pregnant? Check the Twitter hashtag #mommybrain to find out what women and men believe. Now check the science. Whoops!

'The Power of Creativity to Transform a Life,' Oct. 9


Project defense: Margaret Maixner, M.S. candidate in nursing science - Oct. 6, 2014