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Filipino American Film and Fiesta - Oct. 18, 2014


CANCELLED – Chartwell Lecture: 'China In Crisis: Will It Become a Superpower in the Next Two Decades?' Oct. 16


Oct. 13 and 14, 2014: Listening tables


Fall 2014: Donate accrued sick leave hours to leave share program


Got Glee? Don't miss out on UAA's a cappella troubadours this semester


A Cappella Festivella audiences Thursday will be warmed up with tuneful songs by the UAA Glee Club. Founded in 2010, members are proud to be in season nine—with each semester marking a new season.

College 2.0: Earning a second bachelor's degree

Anna Stanczyk

The daughter of a geologist and geophysicist, Anna thought she wanted to be anything BUT a scientist. She earned a degree in French literature before she realized that geology is where she wants to be. So she's back in school, wiser and more focused than ever.

Kidney Foundation helps propel nursing careers

Amber Bosch

Amber Bosch is growing a career in nursing and taking her life to new levels of accomplishment. She recently received help from the Alaska Kidney Foundation, which has helped Amber and scores of other nursing students achieve their goals.

Project 49: Col. Fred Mears, WWI-era railroad engineer, and his wife Jane Mears, tremendous good sport

Project 49: Mears

Frederick Mears is responsible for a lot of notable things: naming the original Ship Creek settlement "Anchorage," building Alaska's railroads, serving as a railroad engineer in World War I and convincing his lovely wife Jane to move to a mud-speckled frontier town.

Untangling the problem of affordable housing

Judith Owens-Manley

UAA Center for Community Engagement & Learning's Think Tank series offers a fresh way to help Housing Anchorage and other nonprofits find solutions for the scarcity of affordable housing and other community dilemmas.

What to do with your PFD

Daniel Crumpacker

While most Alaskans eagerly await their fall Costco raid or snowmachine upgrade, a few folks in finance have some recommendations for maximizing your PFD. Two UAA alumni fielded a few questions to share how current and former Seawolves can make the most of their annual gross.

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