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Slideshow: 2015 Alumni ParTee

9 in the Spine

For the second year in a row, alumni teams returned to UAA’s campus to putt their way across campus via the Spine on Thursday, Feb. 26. Flip through photos of this year's Alumni ParTee: 9 in the Spine.

Is this where 'Frankenstein' came from?


Chemical gardens have been around for hundreds of years, though scientists didn't fully understand how they "grew." Suddenly, everyone wants to know. UAA professors and undergraduates do the bench science to find out.

Winterfest crowns bearded best

Beard and Stache Contest

The fifth annual UAA Beard and 'Stache Competition featured comedy, drama, upsets, surprises and a whole lot of face hair. See this year's winners and hear all about the trials and tribulations of Moustache Ken.

Crush your stress in the Student Union, March 4


Providence Drive full closure - March 14 and 15, 2015


Project defense: Lindsey Leder, M.S. candidate in nursing science, March 4


Ward Wells and Kim Knudsen earn Certified Professional Public Buyer credential


'Facing Human Vulnerability in a Dangerous World: Two Chinese Responses,' March 18


John and Kate plus four


Panel discussion about Alaska logistics, March 6


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