April 13, 2015: Free SBIRT and blood pressure screenings

by Michelle Saport  |   

Monday, April 13, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. UAA/APU Consortium Library Lobby and Cuddy Hall

The School of Nursing (specifically the Psychology 250 class) will conduct free SBIRT screenings on campus as a community service. This service is aimed at screening students for drug and/or alcohol addiction and bringing awareness to the problem of addiction-while also providing the avenue for students to get help through the wellness center. Free blood pressure screenings will also be offered.

SBIRT stands for screening, briefing, intervention and referral to treatment. It is an OASAS-approved tool for alcohol and drug addiction that will be going nationwide for Medicaid reimbursement. It is an effective tool for preventive care and health promotion on campus. The screening tools are AUDIT and DAST. Each has ten questions with greater sensitivity for identifying people with drug and alcohol problems, and offering them the necessary help.

The organizers encourage students to participate in this important program. This may be the first time this kind of community service will take place on campus. SBIRT is already an ongoing program on campus that provides counseling to students with drug and alcohol disorders.

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