JHCC votes to keep wellness incentive the same for next year

by Michelle Saport  |   

On May 20, the Joint Health Care Committee voted to continue the Healthyroads Wellness Incentive using the same criteria as the past year-requiring the Personal Health Assessment and biometrics plus five additional points earned through healthy behaviors, medical exams or online health education training. This coming year, there will be additional opportunities for earning points including more challenges and some on-site education opportunities. Employees and their spouses or FIPs can earn up to $600 each through the wellness rebate incentive. The program will "look back" to give credit for any exams or activity since May 1 although the new incentive year will begin July 1. The website will be updated by Aug. 1, but will include the full 12 months (5/1/15-4/30/16) to get credit for preventative exams and earn activity points.

In the past there was a plan discussed to move into an outcomes-based wellness program in the coming year, but industry best practices indicate that greater engagement in the program and developing a history of wellness behavior is necessary before transitioning into another phase of engagement. Delayed implementation, website upgrades and other challenges this past year have now been worked out, and optimism is high for the coming year's program. Look for more information from Healthyroads coming soon.

If you have any questions about the wellness program or the Healthyroads website, please contact our on-site program manager, Sara Rodewald, at (907) 450-8203 or sararo@ashn.com.

(This announcement first appeared in the May Statewide Voice.)

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