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Postcards Home from Japan: Day Two, Part Two—working toward normalization


UAA students joined Iwate University students in a workshop in Rikuzentakata to think and imagine how the town can rebuild from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The town's goal is to make the town easy to move around in, for elderly, visitors and disabled persons.

Engineering Building closed for renovation now through fall 2016


July 2015: UAA surplus sales


Summer 2015: 'Fractals Rock' and 'Scales of the Universe'


July 13, 2015: Study Abroad 101


"This is an exciting time:" Alumni and the budget


Three Alumni of Distinction weigh in on how alumni can approach the budget and, more importantly, how they can help. Whether its contacting legislators or capitalizing on the need for change to launch a new business, these three alumni share their thoughts with the alumni community.

July 10, 2015: KRUA live-tweeting and volunteer meeting


Captain Cook's kitchens craft culinary careers

UAA Alumni working at the Hotel Captain Cook.

With four restaurants, 12 events spaces, catering, room service AND an in-house bake shop, internship opportunities abound at the Hotel Captain Cook. In a community partnership between two of the biggest names in town, UAA culinary students receive on-the-job training in some of the city's top kitchens.

UAA historians play role in Anchorage's Centennial festivities

Land_Auction copy

If you love history, you love learning about Anchorage's early years. UAA history professors contributed support and expertise to Cook Inlet Historical Society's recent four-day symposium on the city's first 100 years. Next, they'll join in editing the symposium's companion volume.

Love of dance and anthropology takes her to Europe, thanks to Choreomundus scholarship

Elizabeth Robinson

If you ever wondered if your dreams were worth chasing, read Elizabeth Robinson's tale. This August she launches an academic chapter that fulfills her passion for dance and culture. It wasn't easy getting here, she says, but well worth the journey.

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