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Oct. 29, 2015: Halloween party hosted by Student Activities


2015 National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week


Meet me in Mongolia


A small population in a massive region. Subsistence living off the road system. A mining industry anchoring a few main cities. Read more about the surprising ties linking Mongolia and Alaska through the eyes of two alumni.

Oreos and obesity: Probing the phenomenon of impulse

Obese Rats

What role does impulse play in predicting binge-eating and obesity, and are there any other psychological links between the two? A UAA psychology student is using Oreos and 12 albino rats to probe the role impulsivity plays in overeating.

Eerie afternoon in the Girdwood ghost forest

Geology Class

Geology students explored the ghost forest of Girdwood—a thick stand of dead trees, stripped to their trunks and perched at teetering angles over the waterline. These trees are in fact buried seven feet below the surface, lingering evidence of the Good Friday Earthquake of 1964.

I smell smoked salmon!


Follow the scents of smoked salmon and hickory chips to Dr. Jennie Brock's upper-level mechanical engineering class in the EIB, where seniors are busy recording the heat properties of salmon as they wait for dinner to finish cooking.

A new idea for solving intersection ruts in Anchorage


Have you rattled your teeth and spilled your coffee crossing a rutted intersection in Anchorage? A UAA civil engineering professor is on the case. He and his graduate students have developed a new recipe for pavement they say will help our roads endure despite studded tires and freeze-thaw cycles.

'A Discussion of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty' with Under Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller, Oct. 20


Documentary screening and discussion: 'Aleut Story,' Oct. 28


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