EHSRMSEM welcomes two new additions to its staff

by Michelle Saport  |   

EHSRMSEM is happy to announce the hiring of two new employees. Replacing Maury Riner, our retired chemical hygiene officer, is Marcy Marino. Marcy has been an employee of UAA for several years, working in the College of Arts and Sciences as chemical storeroom manager. In that capacity, she worked very closely and collaboratively with Maury. Marcy is highly educated and experienced in chemistry and university settings; she will be keeping UAA on the path of Conditionally Exempt (or Very) Small Quantity Generator status with the EPA. This keeps the campus safer, greener and greatly reduces the adverse effects of regulations and bureaucracy.

We also have a new safety officer, Kelly Carothers. Kelly comes to us as a former safety officer for the Alaska Native Medical Center. She has an 18-plus year history as a business owner, vocational educator in the construction industry, and safety specialist for the world's largest poultry company, Corporate Foster Farms. Kelly is well-versed in safety, but specialized in Hazmat, OSHA, EPA and DOT compliance. Kelly's education includes Medical Science Certification, Administration of Justice, and Certified Safety Specialist and Hazmat Specialist.

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