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UAA’s gymnasts have upgraded


Simone Penker and Morgan Cook picked one of the more physically taxing routes to graduate school—competing as NCAA Div. I gymnasts as undergrads—but they're proud of all they're achieving as part of a competitive team.

This physicist's scientific curiosity goes all the way back to seventh grade

Nathaniel Hicks

Alaska may have 50 years of oil production left, but most of us realize we need a new source of energy for warmth and to keep our toys and tools running. It may come as a surprise to learn a local plasma physicist is tinkering at the edges of just that prospect.

New book details UAA's roller coaster history


It's a short history, but a wild ride. In his new book—"Becoming UAA: 1954-2014"—emeritus professor of History & Political Science Dr. Will Jacobs details the political roller coaster that saw the campus expand physically, split ideologically and adjust constantly in its first six decades.

From Kodiak to the capital of comedy


Charlie Madsen—a theater alumnus—is now house manager at iO Theater, a landmark institution on the Chicago comedy scene known for its own string of successful alumni like Farley, Fey, Poehler and Sudeikis.

Jan. 30 and 31, 2015: MountainFilm on Tour


'What is pre-diabetes and what can you do about it?' Jan. 21, 2015


Spring 2015: 'AlaskaHost Customer Service Essentials' offered every month


Jan. 22–Feb. 12, 2015: 'Claybody'


Spring 2015: Respectful workplace training for employees and supervisors offered throughout the semester


Pillow Patrol: Make pillowcases for local foster children, Jan. 17


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