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'Did You Know?' shares facts and figures from Student Affairs


Spring 2016: Seawolf women's basketball--no. 1 in the nation--play two home games this week


March 1, 2016: Overcome your fear of public speaking and learn how to deliver effective presentations


Feb. 24, 2016: Discuss opinions, air experiences at NCBI Listening Table


Bridging Al and Ann Parrishes' two worlds


Al and Ann Parrish have devoted the better part of 40 years to UAA and its students. The Providence Drive pedestrian span bridges their two worlds, and now UAA has named that bridge in their honor.

What to know about Senshido


YWCA and UAA are partnering to provide free Senshido courses to students, faculty and staff this semester. Here's what to expect in the on-campus self-defense course, which blends physical and psychological strategies that flip the predator-prey relationship.

Educator builds a career off-road and online


Alex Russin, M.Ed. '05, earned his degree entirely online while teaching in the tiny town of Nunam Iqua. His career off the road system has brought him to increasingly larger villages and increasingly larger roles as a superintendent in Alaska's education system.

How LIGO detected the gravitational wave, proving Einstein was right!

Gravity Waves

Let a UAA physicist walk you through how science detected a miniscule wave of energy set off when two black holes collided more than a billion years ago.

March 3, 2016: Think Tank with Anchorage Park Foundation


Spring 2016 Transition Survey ends Feb. 28


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