IT Services implements changes to improve remote access security

by Michelle Saport  |   

IT Services is taking steps to improve network security at all UAA Campuses. On Sunday, March 13, IT Services will implement changes that could potentially impact remote access connectivity to UAA.

Specifically, this will not affect individuals already connecting remotely via Cisco AnyConnect, UAA's secure VPN solution.

If you are already using Cisco AnyConnect, UAA's secure remote access VPN solution, then no further steps are required. Please continue utilizing the Cisco AnyConnect client.

Individuals who are not connecting remotely via VPN and are instead using insecure services, including Windows Remote Desktop (RDP), Telnet, Secure Shell (SSH) and Windows Network Drives, will no longer be able to connect directly to the UAA network resources. The use of Cisco AnyConnect, UAA's secure VPN solution, will be required in order to connect.

Individuals requiring assistance with setting up VPN access can contact the IT Services Call Center for assistance with installation, configuration and connecting to UAA securely from off campus.

A note about vendors (third party) and remote access connections UAA engages with vendors who provide services and support for UAA. To request secure remote access for vendors via Cisco AnyConnect VPN, please contact the UAA IT Services Call Center to open a request. Vendors accessing UAA from off campus are required to connect securely via the Cisco AnyConnect VPN.  Vendor access using a secure VPN are configured so as to limit access to only the resources that are needed to fulfill their service and support obligations.

Further information For additional information, please contact the IT Services Call Center at (907) 786-4646 or toll-free at (877) 633-3888.

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