ISER's Gunnar Knapp explains the Alaska budget gap in minutes

by Kathleen McCoy  |   

Gunnar Knapp

Gunnar Knapp explains Alaska's budget story for Alaska Dispatch News.

Here's one more chance to get conversant on the budget challenge facing Alaska. In under 10 minutes, Gunnar Knapp, a UAA economics professor and director of ISER, lays out the state's fiscal picture, including four areas where solutions need to come from. The video was created and posted Feb. 16, 2016 by the Alaska Dispatch News. Knapp also took questions for an hour from viewers. Find the Q and A here.

Knapp has collaborated with Cliff Groh of the nonpartisan Alaska Common Ground to share the story and different solutions to Alaska's budget crisis across the state. Just this past weekend on campus at the UAA College for Business and Public Policy, Groh emceed a two-day class on the topic with collaborators from ISER.

UAA budget issues

Of course, UA and UAA are affected by the state's budget discussions. To stay current on the budget planning at UAA, or to share money-saving ideas, bookmark the FY17 Budget page. Here you can find the updated schedule for Coffee with the Chancellor as well as the FY17 Budget blog and a number of budget resource materials for additional background.

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