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CWLA's David Stevenson: The gems among us


David Stevenson's latest book, "Warnings Against Myself," is a generous overture into the private world of a thoughtful mountaineer. Stevenson reads from new work July 19 as a part of the CWLA summer reading series.

There’s something brewing in the Student Union


Banana latte, anyone? As the only student-operated coffee shop on campus, Union Station has the ability to be creative, and that youthful energy shows in their menu, events, advertising and, most of all, in their daily interactions with regulars.

2016 Northern Renaissance Arts & Sciences Series


July 19, 2016: Free home and energy classes at the Cooperative Extension Service


Farewell party for Samantha Holtshouser - July 7, 2016


July 2016 at the UAA Campus Bookstore


July 8, 2016: Biology night at the UAA Planetarium featuring 'NeuroTours' and 'Nanocam'


ADAC explores what 'opening the Arctic' really means


Extreme conditions in the Arctic make travel challenging. Response agency representatives and researchers met at UAA to identify knowledge gaps and propose operator-driven research questions.

In the business of business at Anchorage Chamber


Bruce Bustamante, B.B.A. '99, has built a career sharing the beauty and benefits of Anchorage, first as a leader in the local tourism industry and now as president of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce.

'These kids rise to challenges, they really do'


Teens who struggle to read, focus on tasks or even make eye contact with others are taking part in a UAA program designed to help them adapt to life on the job.

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