Now open: Engineering Parking Garage and Engineering & Computation Building

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The new Engineering Parking Garage (ENPG) accessed via Mallard Lane (along UAA Drive) and the old Engineering Building (renamed Engineering & Computation Building, ECB) are open for business.

The ENPG is approximately 470 spaces and connected to the ECB through a skybridge accessed from the second floor. A parking permit is required; in lieu of a permit the Pay 'n' Park is conveniently located on the second floor, outside the entrance to the south stair tower. There is a Seawolf Shuttle stop in the cul-de-sac outside the first floor of the south stair tower lobby. From the cul-de-sac the exterior entrance to the ECB and pedestrian trails leading to west campus can be accessed.

From the second floor of the Engineering & Computation Building, the rest of campus can be accessed through the East/West spine, leading you either to the Student Union or the Natural Sciences Building. The ECB houses the following departments: engineering student advising, computer engineering and computer science, geomatics and mechanical engineering. In addition to the various departments, the building has three large computational classrooms, student project space, machine shop and wood lab, biomechanics lab, dynamics and controls lab and collaborative study space. New building systems include mechanical and electrical equipment, roof, windows, siding, insulation, finishes and furnishings.

Avoid circling patterns and park centrally at the ENPG-there's plenty of room to park and walk to your classes/work.

Diagram of Engineering Parking Garage

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