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Gymnast joins the circus

Aerial and Dance

Former Seawolf gymnast Leisha Knight '00 made a career of the circus, joining traveling troupes on three continents. She returned to Anchorage last month to choreograph a piece for UAA dance students, sharing skills she learned from nearly a decade in the air with Cirque du Soleil.

UAA veteran: Tales from the dog squad


Michael Sabato defended Afghanistan's U.S. Embassy from explosives and South Florida's ports from invasive snails. With a military background and now a degree, this dog-handling pro is “excited to see what the future holds.”

eTech Fair 2016: Celebrating Distance Learning Week


November elections: All registered Alaska voters can vote in UAA Student Union


Civil sisters celebrate women in engineering

Women in Engineering

Through outreach, education and a public speaking gig on Nov. 4, sisters and civil engineering grads Melissa Branch, '00, and Stephanie Mormilo, '04, lead Alaska's Women in Engineering efforts.

November 2016: Plans for this weekend?


Fall 2016 workshop: Learn how to use SBIRT to prevent alcohol and substance misuse


Nov. 14, 2016: Alex Hills tells the story of connecting Alaska's villages


Interested in helping during a large emergency? Volunteer with UPD Auxiliary Emergency Team


Nov. 16, 2016: Departmental and special honors deadline for Commencement program


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