Seawolf student-athletes set new record with 3.26 combined GPA

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University of Alaska Anchorage student-athletes have set a new standard for academic excellence for the second year in a row, recording a record-high 3.26 combined grade-point average for calendar year 2016, athletic director Keith Hackett announced Tuesday.

All of UAA's 13 intercollegiate teams earned at least a 2.97 combined GPA, with the men's ski team posting a department-best 3.64. The gymnastics (3.54), women's cross country (3.53) and women's ski (3.50) squads also achieved the 3.5 plateau.

Individually, the Seawolves had 154 of 214 student-athletes (72 percent) earn 3.00-plus GPAs during the calendar year, with 17 achieving a perfect 4.0. For the Fall 2016 semester, 69 percent earned at least a 3.0, with 33 4.0s.

"Achieving these kinds of numbers in the classroom is equivalent to winning conference titles and competing at a high national level in the athletic world," said Hackett, currently in his fourth year at UAA. "Our student-athletes continue to exhibit the focus on academics that our administration, coaches, alumni and fans can be proud of."

The Seawolves' previous record for highest combined GPA in a calendar year was 3.24 in 2015. This marks the 20th time in 23 years that UAA student-athletes have eclipsed the 3.0 barrier.

UAA Student-Athlete 2016 Fall Semester 4.0 GPAs

Tere Alonso, Gymnastics Karolin Anders, Women's Track & Field Madeleine Arbuckle, Gymnastics Jamie Ashcroft, Women's Track & Field Hayley Bezanson, Women's Track & Field Alexia Blalock, Women's Track & Field Jordyn Block, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field Mary-Kathleen Cross, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field Kendra Daniels, Gymnastics Marcus Deuling, Men's Skiing Natalie Hynes, Women's Skiing Alex Jackstadt, Hockey Yvonne Jeschke, Women's Track & Field Michaela Keller-Miller, Women's Skiing Katerine Lamoureux, Women's Skiing Nicole Larkin, Gymnastics Kaitlyn Maker, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field Olivier Mantha, Hockey Curtis McKillop, Men's Skiing Jackson McTier, Men's Basketball Mackenzie Miller, Gymnastics Mason Mitchell, Hockey Pietro Mosconi, Men's Skiing Rasmus Reijola, Hockey Marie Ries, Women's Track & Field Eric Roberts, Hockey Morgan Ross, Gymnastics Hannah Rudd, Women's Skiing Hailey Swirbul, Women's Skiing David Trinkberger, Men's Hockey Dominic Unterberger, Men's Skiing Alix Wells, Women's Skiing Casey Wright, Women's Skiing

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