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2017 Earth Sciences Career Fair


Feb. 23, 2017: Learn about careers in the natural sciences


Feb. 27, 2017: Free introductory Zumba class for all fitness levels


New ISER report analyzes effect of Alaska fiscal options on children and families

How might steps Alaska's state government takes to balance its budget affect Alaska families? Different ways of closing the state's $3 billion budget gap—the result of lower oil prices and dwindling oil revenues—will have different effects on households with and without children, according to a new report by Matthew Berman and Random Reamey of ISER.

Students and visitors can now pay for parking from their phones


Spring 2017: Anchorage on-site biometric screenings set for March 2 and 3


Letter from Chancellor Case: Office for Civil Rights, Title IX Compliance Review


Feb. 21, 2017: Open forum with COH Vice Provost/Dean candidate Timothy D. Dye


Feb. 24, 2017: National Coalition Building Institute Workshop


8 records, 7 events and a Threepenny Opera


With three academic degrees and eight current athletic records, Karolin Anders is, to put it numerically, a first-rate student-athlete. This May, she'll earn a master's in English and hopes to compete at nationals for the fifth year in a row.

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