Spring 2017: 'Back to Basics' series offers workshops on food preservation and healthy living

by Michelle Saport  |   


Feb. 21: Canning Salsa, Tomatoes and Fruit Learn the methods and steps for canning fruit, tomatoes and salsa in this class. The principles of using a boiling waterbath canner will also be discussed. Distance delivered by Julie Cascio. Registration available online

Feb. 28: The Fizz of Fermentation This presentation offers an introduction to the fermentation of vegetables and dairy products, and considers the wide application of fermentation as a food preservation method. We will discuss kim chi, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha and other commonly fermented foods. Distance delivered by Leslie Shallcross. Registration available online

March 7: Canning Fish in Jars Many Alaskans take pride in preserving salmon at home. In this class we will discuss how to prepare the fish, identify necessary equipment and demonstrate the steps to safely process fish at home. Distance delivered by Linda Tannehill. Registration available online

March 14: Diet and Disease Risk Successful aging is determined in part by behavioral decisions made throughout life. This class looks at mechanisms and means for promoting health and diminishing chronic disease risk factor exposure. Particular attention will be paid to recent literature concerning diet and physical activity practices that can promote health and defend against acute and chronic disease. Presented in person by Bret Luick. Registration available online

March 21: Greenhouse Heat If only you could get an extra month before breakup to start plants and an extra month after the first freeze to mature the produce-well, there are inexpensive ways to do so with passive solar boxes, heat sinking and thermal mass storage. Learn how you can use common materials to get more heat during the shoulder seasons to extend your growing season. Distance delivered by Art Nash. Registration available online

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