UAA, UAF, UAS and SW working together to resolve issues after Google migration

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UAA, UAF, UAS and SW have been working together since March 2017 to resolve issues UAA users reported after the migration to Google. At a system-wide meeting that occurred Jan. 27, 2017, four urgent technical tasks were identified to alleviate issues reported by UAA users.

The four urgent technical issues consist of:

  • Creating a Global Address List (GAL) in Google (this is now complete). Additional information about GALs, in general, is available here:
  • Wrapping up migration of historic email/calendar content for UAA users (scheduled to be complete by the end of June 2017 with some users requesting migration after the start of the fall 2017 semester).
  • Develop the architecture required to support departmental distribution lists for communication and access (agreement on implementation the end of summer 2017).
  • Restoring the ability to receive and/or manage voicemail via email (agreement on implementation the end of summer 2017).

A project website is available to keep the UA community informed of progress:

Bi-weekly project updates are posted to the project website. Other helpful information is also located on the site, such as:

  • Key project documents
  • Suggested technical changes the cross-campus teams are working on to resolve issues. An example of this is syncing Google with Active Directory to restore functionality associated with UAA distribution lists.
  • Documentation of issues reported by UAA users since the migration to Google and suggestions for accomplishing these tasks in Google.
  • Links to Google training documentation.

How to articles available on the project website and on the Google login page

  • Project website - As with any change, much like the change to establish a single email and calendaring solution through Google Apps, you will have to occasionally accomplish tasks differently than you did prior to the change. Suggested workflow adjustments are located on the project website
  • Google login page - The Google login page contains FAQs and How To articles. There is even a section for News and Alerts where updates about this project can be located.

Please reach out with questions

If you are unable to accomplish a task you were able to accomplish prior to the Google migration, please reach out to the UAA or OIT Support Centers so they can help you get your needs met. There may be alternative ways to accomplish functionality required for daily business operations.

Training resources:

In addition to the UAA Support Center, OIT Training and Engagement (OIT-TE) is available to help walk you through questions, should you continue to have them. OIT-TE offers personal consultations to support you in the tasks you are trying to accomplish. They enjoy showing you how technology can facilitate, accelerate or automate tasks you need to accomplish on a daily basis. They can be reached by contacting the OIT Support Center.

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