Office phone alert test scheduled for Aug. 25, 2017

by Michelle Saport  |   

The Office of Emergency Management will be conducting a short test at 11 a.m. on Friday (Aug. 25) of the crisis alerting capability of our Cisco phones on campus. No test will be sent to personal phones or emails.

IT Services has been working on upgrade solutions, and feel confident that a crisis message can now be sent and received in its entirety. Please contact the IT Call Center at (907) 786-4646 to report any phone that did not activate or if the message is not heard in its entirety.

You should hear: "Attention! Attention! This is a test of UAA's ability to send crisis information to on-campus telephones using the speakerphone function. No test alert will be sent to personal phones or email accounts. If this had been a true emergency, the Incident Management Team would have used this, and other systems, to provide instructions and details on where to go for further information. This has been only a test."

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