Free help for coping with earthquake stress available to all employees and their families

by Michelle Saport  |   

Dear University of Alaska Employees,

Following the recent earthquake, we would like to remind everyone of your EAP benefit that is available to you and your entire household if needed during this difficult and stressful time. The EAP benefit covers up to 12 confidential short-term counseling visits and is at no cost to employees and their families. The University of Alaska has pre-paid for this benefit for all employees and their dependents.

The EAP benefit is not only free to all employees and their dependents, but it is also confidential. It is common and normal to experience emotional aftershocks following such a traumatic event. However, distress and substantial stress may limit your ability to cope, impair your ability to adjust and negatively impact your work environment. Sometimes the stress reaction appears after a few hours or days following the event. Other times, signs and symptoms will appear after a few weeks or even months.

Getting help when you need it is a good way to take control of your life. Deer Oaks is here to provide free, confidential guidance and resources when you need it most.

Your EAP offers the following services:

  • In-the-moment telephonic support
  • Short-term counseling
  • Disaster Relief Organizations and Agencies
  • Referrals to relocation and housing
  • Referrals to contractors and restoration professionals
  • Online articles and information

For additional information or a referral to a provider located nearest you please call EAP toll-free at 1-888-993-7650. Online tools are available at the Deer Oaks website (log-in and password: UofA).

Warmest regards, Deer Oaks EAP and the University of Alaska

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