2018 Northern Renaissance Arts & Sciences Series

by Michelle Saport  |   

The Northern Renaissance Arts & Sciences Series, hosted by the Department of Creative Writing and Literary Arts, offers the opportunity to engage with distinguished literary, performing and visual artists as well as scientists and cultural leaders. Genuine collaboration among the arts, sciences and humanities fosters creativity and encourages us to consider the challenges and ideas of our time.

All evening readings are at 8 p.m. in the UAA Fine Arts Building, Room 150. Free admission and parking.

  • July 8: Keynote Speaker Lance Olsen
  • July 9: Jan De Blieu and Ed Allen
  • July 10: Erin Hollowell and Ishmael Hope
  • July 11: Graduating Student Reading; Jason Wenger Award Night
  • July 12: Rich Chiappone and Valerie Miner
  • July 14: Nancy Lord and Daryl Farmer
  • July 17: Anne Caston, Sherry Simpson and David Stevenson
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