Submit nominations for Staff Council by July 20, 2018

by Michelle Saport  |   

Greetings to Members of UAA Staff,

Do you want to be more involved in our UAA community? Here is your chance! Run for the UAA Staff Council and join a body of your peers who share a commitment to making UAA a positive place for staff.

What is the UAA Staff Council? The council is composed of 21 voting members comprised of hourly and salary employees of University of Alaska Anchorage and its extended campuses.

Vision statement Staff Council aspires to be the premier facilitator in the creation of the finest professional environment for UAA staff.

Mission statement Our mission is to support staff by serving as the primary connection between staff and University leadership, providing a venue to participate in the governance process, and the dissemination of timely information.

Core values

  • Equity: Ensuring the fair treatment of unrepresented staff.
  • Advocacy: Giving a voice to staff in decisions that impact the (UAA) community. We value open lines of communication and collaboratively working with leadership to improve the lives of staff at UAA.
  • Leadership: Facilitating forums to share best and promising practices as well as development opportunities to benefit staff and meet the needs of the UAA community.
  • Recognition: Highlighting the work and contributions of staff, and telling the story of what we are doing to support student success, retention, and the University mission.

Nominations Access the nomination form here. Please complete one nomination form per person. Self-nominations are encouraged but do need supervisor support. As well, should an employee nominate someone else, please get their approval as well as their supervisors. Nominations will be accepted through July 20, 2018.

Newly elected council members will take office Aug. 2 and will be asked to attend an all-day retreat for orientation.

Meetings Council meetings are generally held the first Thursday of every month during the fiscal year from 9:30-11:30 a.m. in LIB 302 (location is subject to change). Note: The July and January meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month due to holidays. All meetings are open to the public and employees are encouraged to attend.

Staff Council member expectations As a member of the Staff Council, you will have to meet the following:

  • Membership term
  • Members are elected for a two-year term.
  • Meeting attendance
    • Be present at meetings so that you remain informed for your constituents. Members who are in Anchorage are highly encouraged to attend the meetings in person. Absence from three meetings within the fiscal year without appropriate notice is cause for dismissal from Council. Prior notice about an absence should be directed to the co-presidents and/or Governance Office.
  • Service on a committee
    • The work of Staff Council is accomplished through committees. A committee structure is a time- honored way to spread the responsibilities among all members. You are required to serve on one internal committee during your first year and an additional standing committee during your second year. You are also welcomed to serve on additional committees needing representation.
  • Communication with constituents
    • Members should make themselves known to their constituents and be willing to hear concerns, receive information and suggestions, and communicate these effectively to the Council. In turn, members must keep their constituents well informed of the work of the Council and matters that the administration wishes to communicate to the Council.
  • Time commitment
    • Members are expected to attend the two-hour monthly Council meetings. Additional time away from their job will be required for participation on a committee/s as well as assisting on Council events. Also, member must take in account amount of time for driving and parking.
  • Supervisor's support
    • The supervisor understands that should the employee be elected, he/she will be required to take time away from his/her regular job duties in order to effectively serve on the Staff Council. They support his/her nomination and agrees to allow required time away from his/her regular job duties to fulfill his/her Council commitment.
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