Aug. 24, 2018: Reception to celebrate promotion and tenure of UAA faculty

by Michelle Saport  |   

On Friday, Aug. 24, the University of Alaska Anchorage will host a reception recognizing the recent promotion and tenure of UAA faculty. Please join university administrators and faculty on Friday, Aug. 24, 3:30-4:30 p.m. in Fine Arts Building, Room 150, for this brief ceremony and reception. Tenure and promotion at the university is a highly complex and time-consuming journey and the faculty who have been promoted deserve merit and recognition for their teaching, research, creative activity, community engagement and service to the university and the greater community.

Faculty being honored include: Armin Abdihodzic, Jonathan Bartels, JoAnn Bartley, Holly Bell, Barbara Brown, Samuel Cook, Cathy Coulter, Ajit Dayanandan, Kitty Deal, Scott Downing, Nelta Edwards, Naomi Everett, Stefanos Folas, Jane Fuerstenau, Rachel Graham, Albert Grant, Pamela Grogan, Mouhcine Guettabi, Thomas Harman, Ryan Harrod, Erin Hicks, Lisa Jackson, Alexander James, Colleen Kelley, Carrie King, Dorothy Kinley, Paul Landen, Beth Leonard, Darrin Marshall, Natasa Masanovic-Courtney, Colin McGill, Colleen Metzger, Micah Muer, Kathryn Ohle, Lynn Paterna, Matthew Reimer, Kathleen Stephenson, Jennifer Stone, Audrey Taylor, Raymond Weber and Maria Williams.

For more information, contact Maria Williams, Faculty Senate president, at (907) 786-6136 or

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