Notice of UAA weather closure guidelines and protocol

by Michelle Saport  |   

Dear Anchorage Campus Community:

Now that we've entered the time of year we can regularly expect cold, snowy and icy conditions, the UAA Incident Management Team (IMT) would like to share important information with you about campus weather closure guidelines and protocol. Please keep this information handy for future use. Just as it does with non-weather incidents that may pose a threat to the safety of students, faculty and staff on campus, IMT assesses a given weather situation and makes a recommendation to the chancellor if the conditions justify a closure of campus. On days when inclement weather might cause UAA IMT to recommend closure of campus or cancellation of classes, the following considerations are made:

  • Safety conditions of roads on and around campus
  • Safety conditions of roads in the Anchorage Bowl
  • Alaska State Troopers and Anchorage Police Department accident reports/warnings
  • NOAA weather reports and predicted conditions
  • Safety of the campus community at each location (e.g., Chugiak-Eagle River, University Center, Aviation Complex or Anchorage main campus)

Please keep in mind that weather and road conditions in Alaska can change quickly and drastically. UAA IMT strives to be as informed as possible with the latest information available when determining whether or not to prescribe a closure/cancellation to the chancellor. University closures, late starts, early releases and class cancellations due to inclement weather are sometimes unavoidable. We always consider the safety of all members of our campus community when making such recommendations to the chancellor.

The Anchorage School District (ASD) may choose to cancel school while UAA may remain open; one closure does not justify the closure of the other. UAA makes every effort to announce a closure by 6 a.m. for classes that take place during the day and by 4 p.m. for evening classes. Inclement weather closures are most often announced to the UAA community via some combination of the following:

  • Email from UAA to students, faculty and staff
  • The UAA website (
  • UAA social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  • UAA phone hotline (786-1800)
  • Anchorage news outlets (KTUU, KTVA, ADN, Alaska Public Radio, etc.)
  • UA Alert system (Please visit to make sure your phone and text numbers are up to date)
  • The University Police Department's UAA Safe smartphone app for Apple and Android devices

Please also note that you will not receive text and phone messages for inclement weather unless you opt-in on the UA Alert system via UA Online. To receive weather alerts, check the box to accept text messages and voice calls for non-emergency use. Double-check to make sure your phone and text numbers are up to date.

There may be situations in which UAA stays open, but you are unable to make it to class due to road conditions or other weather-related factors in your area. If you are a student, please contact your professors or teaching assistants to inform them of missing class or any need to make up work. If you are a member of the faculty, please contact your dean, director or department chair in the event you expect to miss or be late to class; staff should contact their respective supervisors if they expect to be late or miss work due to weather.

Have a safe and enjoyable winter!

- Your UAA Incident Management Team

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