Announcing the 2019 Student Showcase winners

by Michelle Saport  |   

UAA Student Showcase is proud to announce this year's winners:

2019 UAA Student Showcase winners

Congratulations to the 2019 UAA Student Showcase winners!

John Macy Project name: Uncanny Aesthetics: A Heideggerean Approach to Postmodern Art Subject: Philosophy

Tia Thompson Project name: Pipe Fabrication Subject: Welding

Hana Hope Project name: mortal bliss Subject: Art

Morgan Wilhelm Project name: From Rome to Song: An Analysis of Benjamin Britten's Opus 49, Movement 1: Pan Subject: Music

Michelle Maguire Project name: Aleutic Mask Subject: Art

Lauren Criss-Carboy Project name: Unflagging Endurance: Highlighting Indigenous Agency in Alaska Through Historical Parallels in "Memoirs of a Declining Ryukyuan Woman" Subject: English

Emily Kingsley Project name: Skepticism in Moral Theory: A Comparative Analysis Subject: Philosophy

Natalie Landlord Project name: Precious Memories Subject: English

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