Important information about white pages telephone advertising

by Michelle Saport  |   

For the past few years, UAA IT Services has been absorbing the costs of white pages phone book advertising. Before this, UAA departments that opted in to have phone numbers advertised were billed on a monthly basis for this service. The cost of the bill is a direct pass through of the actual expense to IT, currently at a rate of $3.05 per advertisement listing per month.

As the aggregate of these advertisements add up to a significant expense with the current fiscal climate, IT Services is discontinuing all ACS white pages advertising for all phone numbers except the main UAA phone number, and the main lines for the community campuses. The main UAA phone line has a call tree that includes a live operator option, where callers can be transferred to the appropriate department.

Please keep in mind the primary way people find phone numbers is on our website. Training is available from IT Services on how to edit your departmental website and make your phone numbers available through web searches. Find more information about these trainings and training registration are available on the IT Services Web Hosting page.

If you do not have one already, a "contact us" web page on your site will help people easily find your department's contact information. For an example, see IT Services' "contact us" web page.

Another location we advertise your department's contact information is the UAA Directory. The UAA Directory has self-service update options available for most fields. Additional information and instructions can be found on the UAA Directory Self-Service page. Please note that only individuals designated as a delegate for the department are able to perform updates to that department's listing. To update a Directory Delegate for your unit, the unit head, or an existing delegate, may either use Self-Service to add/remove delegates directly, or send a request to the Technical Support Center at

IT Services has a spreadsheet available which lists phone numbers currently advertised. If you would like a copy of this spreadsheet, please contact Andrea Miller at If you would like your department number to remain listed, and pay for the service out of your budget, please contact Karolyn Liggon,, by Aug. 2.

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