National Alert System test Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019, at 10:20 a.m.

by Michelle Saport  |   

The UAA Office of Emergency Management wants you to know that FEMA and radio and television Emergency Alert System (EAS) participants, will conduct a nationwide test of EAS beginning at 10:20 a.m. AST on Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019. The test, which uses IPAWS, is a key way to assess the operational readiness of the Nation's alert and warning infrastructures for distribution of a national message and determine whether technological improvements are warranted.

Public safety officials need to be sure that they are able to get urgent, life-saving alerts to the public in times of an emergency or disaster. This year's test will evaluate the readiness of our national alerting capability in the absence of internet connectivity, focusing on the capability of EAS radio and television providers to distribute a test message nationwide.

The 2019 IPAWS National Test of EAS will broadcast a test message that is approximately one minute long. Broadcast radio and television, cable, wireline service providers, and direct broadcast satellite service providers will each broadcast the test message once within a few minutes of the test. Unlike the last national test, the message will not be sent to your mobile device.

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