LIVE: Seawolf Tech Portal

by Mariah DeJesus-Remaklus  |   

UAA IT Services (ITS) is hard at work creating new tools that will provide a greater level of service and support for students, faculty and staff. We have just released the Seawolf Tech Portal, one such tool that will be used to submit/modify/retrieve IT requests and give users the ability to search knowledge base articles that contain solutions to solve some of the top technical issues called into the Technical Support Center.

The "self-service" request submission tool allows you to submit a support ticket. As part of the process, you will have the ability to access articles and FAQs similar to your request, which may provide the answer you are seeking. You can also provide feedback and comments about the content of each article, offering recommendations for any updates or improvements, as well suggesting articles you think would be beneficial for the entire Seawolf community.

Go to today to create/review IT support tickets or search knowledge base articles.

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