OIT Banner server migration

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On Thursday, Nov. 28, 2019, UA Statewide OIT will be migrating the Production Banner databases to new servers. This change will require users to update the connection information within applications such as TOAD, SAS or others that have direct connections configured for the Banner servers that are migrating. Below is a mapping of old to new server names. If users need help migrating their connections to these new servers please contact the UAA Technical Support Center at 907-786-4646 for assistance.

PROD.alaska.edu -> BANP.alaska.edu, port 1521 (migrating 11/28) LRGP.alaska.edu -> BANQ.alaska.edu, port 1521 (already migrated) PREP.alaska.edu -> BANT.alaska.edu, port 1521 (migration started 11/21) TEST.alaska.edu -> BAND.alaska.edu, port 1521 (already migrated) NWSD.alaska.edu -> BANS.alaska.edu, port 1521 (already migrated)

OIT has not announced plans to migrate any other database servers at this point. UAA ITS will communicate any information about further migrations as the information becomes available.

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