Draft Policies for Review and Feedback

by Michelle Saport  |   

Dear Colleagues,

We are making progress on our security and safety initiative at UAA and we seek your input on the new draft security related policies. The scope of this initiative includes all UAA Anchorage Campus buildings with the exception of the Housing complex. Our security initiative includes a strategic framework for making small improvements and investments overtime related to the safety and security of our campus. The Administrative Policies webpage contains informational documents about the security program with an executive summary related to this initiative.

As an outcome of the review, we have developed several draft policies related to building access, security, communications, and wayfinding. We seek your input on these policies and we request that you review them and provide feedback through the link provided.

Please access the draft policies and feedback form here.

If you have questions or would like the project executive team to meet with your department or unit, please contact one of us.

Security Initiative Executive Team

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