Update on UAA Bookstore's online textbook ordering

by Beverly Shuford, Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services  |   

Dear Students,

Starting last October, the UAA Campus Bookstore implemented an advance online textbook ordering requirement. This change was necessary because of limited storage in the Bookstore’s temporary location. Textbooks that you order are bundled at the storage location and delivered to the Bookstore for you to pick up prepackaged.

I have heard from students that this change was not well communicated to you, and the Bookstore is now working overtime to bundle and deliver orders to the temporary Bookstore location. I apologize for both the inconvenience of the unexpected change in process and for the delay some of you are now experiencing. I know that having textbooks in your hands for the first day of class is a basic expectation of all students. I’m sorry that the Bookstore was not well prepared for the ordering rush that occurred this week.

If you don’t yet have the textbooks you need for your spring classes, I want to be sure you are aware of the following options and information:

  1. Textbooks are ordered and not yet fulfilled – Orders may take approximately 3 to 5 days to fulfill. Customers will receive an email immediately after placing an order as confirmation. A second email will be sent when the order is ready to be picked up.
  2. Just ordered, but delays create questions about other options – Please check with your instructor about a short-term alternative for accessing materials/textbooks you need for your class until yours arrive.
  3. Not yet ordered and wondering about options – If you still need to get books, please place your order with the Bookstore immediately and/or order from another vendor. In addition, please check with your instructor for alternatives.

For more information, please see the UAA Campus Bookstore website.

We have recently added additional resources to the Bookstore and textbooks teams, so there are more UAA personnel on the front line focused on making sure books get into your hands as soon as possible. Your feedback is important to me, and I invite you to share your experiences with me by emailing uaa_ayadmin@alaska.edu.

Beverly Shuford
Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services

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