Expedited Program Review Deans’ Recommendations

by Cathy Sandeen, UAA Chancellor  |   

Dear UAA Community,

Yesterday, the academic deans notified faculty, staff and students in their colleges of recommendations on academic program changes including continuation, revision or deletion. The complete list of the deans’ recommendations is available on the expedited program review status website.

This news is difficult for all of us to comprehend. It is not what any of us want to do, but our current budget context requires us to make difficult choices.

This is an ongoing process, and the deans’ recommendations are just the first step. Programs will have the opportunity to send a written response to the provost regarding these recommendations. The provost will take all of this into consideration before sharing his thoughts with me. I will issue my decisions in late March and send them to President Johnsen and the Board of Regents. The regents have directed the chancellors to submit program revisions as part of our budget reduction strategy.

The final decision to discontinue programs will be made by the board at its June 2020 meeting. This does not mean these programs will go away immediately; rather, they will be phased out over time to allow students to complete their major within a defined period of time. I strongly encourage students whose programs might be affected to meet with their academic advisor. The university will support you with comprehensive advising and degree completion options.

Your feedback is important to me. From March 9-18, we will have a period to receive feedback from faculty, staff, students and external stakeholders that will include formal listening sessions. This will take place ahead of my recommendations in late March.

Again, I know this process has not been easy, and I sincerely appreciate the way the broader UAA community has pulled together. The resilience of our community has always impressed me. Please make note of upcoming information, listening sessions and other services to assist during this time and please continue to support each other with compassion and kindness.

Very truly yours,
Cathy Sandeen
UAA Chancellor

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