Further guidance to faculty on shifting to alternate delivery

by UAA Office of Academic Affairs  |   

Dear Faculty,

Thank you for all you are doing to shift to alternate delivery of your courses. If you have not already done so, please reach out to your students as soon as possible to assure them that you are preparing to reconnect with them next week. This will help reduce their anxiety and also establish your line of communication with them.

We have created an Academic Continuity website for faculty to provide answers moving forward and to connect you with the different support resources available to you. There is also a place to submit additional questions. Please make use of this.  We want to assist you.

The faculty training and development folks (CAFE, AI&e, CCEL) are ready to assist you and are developing additional resources, such as virtual workshops and resource guides. 

As you connect with your students, remember that some students might face additional challenges with a shift to more mediated forms of delivery. Encourage students who need academic accommodations to reach out to Disability Support Services.

The Learning Commons has moved to a virtual format and is available to assist students, and the Academic Coaching Center is ready to help students who have questions about using Blackboard and other tools used for alternate delivery.

Both faculty and students can contact the Information Technology Services (ITS) Technical Support Center (Call Center) at phone: 907-786-4646; toll-free: 877-633-3888.

Moving forward, please work closely with your colleagues, chair/director, and dean or community campus director. You are closest to the student needs and instructional issues, and depending on your regular lines of communication and support within your program and college/campus will be critical to helping you and your students through this time.

Please do not hesitate to reach out when you need us.

Susan Kalina, Claudia Lampman and Shawnalee Whitney

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