Helping Seawolves stay on track

by Claudia Lampman  |   

Dear UAA Students,

I wanted to touch base with you as you head back to class on Monday after our extended Spring Break. It will take some adjustment for many of you as your faculty transition from face-to-face to alternate forms of course delivery. We have prepared a guide to help you adjust your study habits. It also has links to important campus resources. Check out the information below, check in with your professors, and take a deep breath. We will get through this together.

Claudia Lampman, Vice Provost for Student Success

Helping Seawolves Stay on Track  

Check the UA Coronavirus page regularly
Stay current on student resources and updates! Need technology help? Don’t have internet access? Check out the UA Virtual Campus for news about offers from Internet Service Providers. The UA Coronavirus site is the best overall source of information for students, staff and faculty.

Adjust your UAA habits
Make a new success plan! Learn how to stay organized, avoid multitasking, make the most out of lecture videos, set a schedule, adopt new strategies, work with groups, and stay connected to others. See the attached Helping Seawolves Stay on Track guide for info and links.

Communicate with instructors
Your instructors are adapting! Your course instructors are the best go-to resource for you during this time. Check your UAA and preferred email regularly and reach out to them with questions.

Rach out to advisors
Advisors are working remotely! Your academic advisors are still available to assist you with Summer/Fall registration and support. Find out how to reach them by visiting

Seek academic support
Online resources are available! The Learning Commons has transitioned the Writing Center, Math Lab, Academic Coaching Center, and Communication Center to online formats. They also have resources for Blackboard and technology support. Visit

Questions? Email

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