IT Services: Update to Billing Policy affecting fund/orgs

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IT Services has been working towards updating billing processes to be more efficient and timely. The new system will automate portions of the billing process resulting in more timely delivery of expenses to departments. With this, IT Services is updating the billing policy concerning fund/orgs. As of March 9, 2020, IT Services will only accept one (1) fund/org per billable service request ticket. Initially, for fund-2 accounts, we are temporarily allowing only foundation fund-2s while IT and OSP works on a new process for fund-2 pre-approvals. Any tickets that were created before March 9, 2020 with multiple fund/orgs or fund-2s will not be affected. Any new tickets created after March 9 will be limited to one fund/org.

If there are any questions or concerns about this change, please contact IT Services at 907-786-4646 and select option 3 for Billing.

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