UAA email forwarding policy change

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The following policy change to the UA system Accounting and Administrative Manual (No.: 300: A-01) no longer allows for employees to forward their work email to a personal email:

3.4 Email Forwarding
Email “forwarding” refers to the practice of setting an alternate, non-UA email destination, whereby computing systems automatically redirect (or copy) incoming mail to another address or mail system. Employees may not “forward” email outside of the university provided email systems. Non-employees may forward email; however, they assume responsibility for data security, and for ensuring that institutional messages are received in the destination system. Using the forward button to send a copy of a message is not restricted by this section.

This change is intended to better protect University and student information. Please remove any “auto-forward” you may have on your UA work email account. For instructions on how to remove an email auto-forward, view the Knowledge Base articles for Removing Forwards from Gmail and Removing Forwards from Exchange Online.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy change, please contact the Technical Support Center (TSC) at 907-786-4646,, or

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