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Feels like home


Mary Jo Finney, UAA’s new dean of the Graduate School, knew immediately when she visited Alaska four years ago that this was home. However, it would be a few years, career choices and job offers later that would finally land her back to the 49th state.

Textbooks on Course Reserve at the Consortium Library

You can find out if your instructor has placed any course materials including textbooks on reserve at the Consortium Library at our website. ​We know that textbooks can be expensive. Visit the library's Textbooks page ( for more suggestions on how to lower your textbook costs.

What the Consortium Library can do for students

The UAA/APU Consortium Library is open to students with a valid UA ID. If you don’t have a UAA ID, we can make one for you. We have laptops along with earbuds available for use within the building for attending classes, and we have laptops that can be checked out to take home. Keep reading for more about how the library can help you succeed at college during COVID.

College During COVID: What are the best practices for serving students while working remotely?

Checking emails may not be enough. As students are trying to get overrides or find out which classes they need to take, they are frequently reporting difficulty with reaching departments and individuals on campus who are now working remotely. Please take a few minutes to follow these best practices to ensure students have access to the resources and individuals they need to succeed this semester.

New data points to rising freshwater temperatures as a cause of chinook salmon decline

Chinook salmon

A new study published by a team of UAA and UAF researchers in collaboration with Cook Inletkeeper sheds some light on the puzzling situation of chinook salmon decline in Alaska.

Chancellor Sandeen announces reconfiguration of UAA Athletics

Seawolf logo

As you know, significant reductions in state funding have dramatically shifted the university’s budget situation. UAA’s funding from the state of Alaska has been reduced by $34 million since fiscal year 2014. UAA leadership has had to make difficult decisions about which programs and services the university can sustain long term.

Job openings: Communications Coordinators

The College of Health at the University of Alaska Anchorage is seeking two Communications Coordinators, one in the Division of Human Services, Justice and Social Work and one in the Division of Clinical Health Sciences.

College During COVID: What are the best tips for working and teaching remotely?

College During COVID is a straightforward guide to UAA’s operations during the ongoing pandemic. This is a challenging time, but we are resilient. For employees working remotely, the virtual campus website has support resources and guidance for working and teaching remotely.

What are the best tips for College During COVID?

The College During COVID Support and Resources website is your one-stop for support resources, student-to-student tips and more. Learn how to get connected to faculty, other students, virtual student services, on-campus services and more. Find advice and resources for academic support, mental and physical well-being, financial decision-making and more.

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