Update on campus alignment

by John Stalvey, Special Assistant to the Chancellor  |   

Dear UAA Community,

The Change and Leadership Group on Academic Alignment had an initial meeting with Chancellor Sandeen to review the group’s charge and introductory materials and ask questions. The group requested the addition of several members and the chancellor agreed.

The group addressed operational questions during its second meeting and began work to analyze the current state of academic affairs across campuses. They reviewed Institutional Research (IR) reports on student enrollment patterns and eLearning and identified ideas to parse the data. As the group continues to analyze the current state, it will conduct listening sessions, interviews and surveys to supplement the quantitative data available through IR and provide context.

This initiative is supported by Raegan Kelliher. Special thanks to all those who have agreed to serve on the Change and Leadership Group:

Barbara Harville
Stacia Straley
Kathryn Slagle
Rachael Hannah
Rachel Graham

Scott Dowling
Cindy Trussel
Dennis Humphries
Louise Butler
Valerie Robideaux

Ryan Buchholdt
Quentin Simeon
Christi Bell
Lora Volden
Susan Kalina

Erin Holmes
Talis Colberg
John Petraitis
Jeff Jessee
John Stalvey

John Stalvey
Special Assistant to the Chancellor

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