Get cozy with the new, digital edition of Alumni Spirit magazine

by Matt Jardin  |   

Your Hometown U continues to write amazing stories, and our new digital edition of Alumni Spirit magazine, UAA's premier publication, captures the great work of UAA alumni and students in a more dynamic format. 

Some of the Seawolves you’ll read about in this gratitude-themed issue include the all-alumni staff of Native Student Services who appreciates the opportunity to guide incoming classes of Alaska Native students, sociology alumnus Lonnie Ridgeway who recounts how his time on campus prepared him for his career, and pre-nursing student Merlin Lang who expresses his gratitude for the Student Support Fund scholarship.

Also in this issue, read about how UAA’s partnership with local industry professionals produce graduates ready to enter the workforce, and learn about how our resilient campus population has adapted during this unprecedented time as part of the university’s College During COVID initiative.

Please enjoy leaning in and learning more about how #SeawolfNation is impacting communities across the world! View the full magazine here.

Petri dishes on the cover of fall 2020 Alumni Spirit magazine
On the cover: Viral transport media to supply Alaska’s COVID-19 testing centers, made in UAA’s new Advanced Instrumentation for Microbiome Studies core facility. (Photo by James Evans / design by Brett Rawalt / University of Alaska Anchorage)
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