Better together: Joint message with UAS and UAF chancellors

by Bruce Schultz, UAA Interim Chancellor  |   

Dear UAA Faculty and Staff,

Chancellors Karen Carey at UAS, Dan White at UAF and I collaborated on the following message because we think this is an important time to focus on our collective future. In our joint effort to build a positive future for the University of Alaska, we seek to support President Pitney in her efforts in Juneau and our collective efforts to grow enrollment.

Together we offer the following:

As chancellors of the three universities in the University of Alaska system of higher education, we feel strongly that we benefit more by working together than apart. As we enter the third year of the budget compact between the Board of Regents and Gov. Dunleavy, this is the time to join hands and work together toward our collective future.

Each of the universities has teaching, research and outreach efforts that are their own initiative, collaborations with one of the other universities or a united effort of all three. No one model is better than another and one size does not fit all.

One thing we know is that our collective future depends on our ability to grow enrollment. Prospective students make choices about where to go to college and each of our universities has abundant opportunities to influence these choices. It is not a zero-sum game. Strong, positive and supportive messaging can grow enrollment across the board.

President Pitney has strongly endorsed our universities, with our separate accreditations, missions and identities. She will be working in this legislative session to build the case for funding for deferred maintenance and other critical areas to help build our universities during this last year of the compact. She will also build the case for a positive future for the University of Alaska overall. President Pitney believes in our ability to be successful separately, together. As do we. She also believes that a united message is needed. As do we.

By collaborating, supporting and investing in each other, our universities support President Pitney and support a positive view of the university. Positive and collaborative energy is needed now more than ever to prove to legislators, students, parents, supporters, alumni and community members that we are all in this together.

Please join us in strengthening the ways that we can work together so that we may build enrollment, enhance philanthropic support and improve efficiencies to fulfill our distinct missions. Please join us in a positive message in support of each of our separately accredited universities that together make up the UA system of higher education.

Bruce Schultz
UAA Interim Chancellor

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