Feedback requested on draft institutional accreditation mid-cycle evaluation report

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Dear UAA Community,

We kindly request your feedback on the draft of UAA’s Mid-Cycle Evaluation report. Feedback from all UAA faculty, staff, and students is welcome!

The report and a feedback survey are available on UAA’s Institutional Accreditation website. A complete proof including additional formatting will be completed at a later point, so we are not asking for proofreading or wordsmithing at this time. Please see the context and questions below.

Please submit your feedback by March 24.

Context and questions to answer

UAA is in the mid-cycle review period of its seven-year institutional accreditation cycle.

In October 2021, UAA will host a team of two evaluators, who will assess UAA’s progress in the areas of mission fulfillment, student achievement and assessment of student learning.

The visit is intended to be a formative evaluation of the institution, with evaluators providing feedback as to the institution’s progress towards the Year Seven Evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness Report.

To prepare for this visit, UAA must produce a report that covers:

  1. Mission Fulfillment – The institution must describe its framework for its ongoing accreditation efforts.
  2. Student Achievement – The institution must provide a brief overview of the student achievement measures it uses as part of its ongoing self-reflection, along with comparative data and information from at least five institutions it uses in benchmarking its student achievement efforts. The report must include the widely published indicators disaggregated by race, ethnicity, age, gender, socioeconomic status, first generation college student, Pell status, and any other institutionally meaningful categories that may help promote student achievement and close equity gaps, i.e., barriers to academic excellence and success amongst students from underserved communities.
  3. Programmatic Assessment – The institution must provide programmatic assessment of at least two programs as evidence of a continuous process of improvement.
  4. Moving Forward – The institution must provide its reflections on any additional efforts or initiatives it plans on undertaking as it prepares for the Year Seven Evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness Report.
  5. Addendums (Where Applicable) – Institutions which have been asked to address prior recommendations or which have been asked to address any transitional efforts to the 2020 Standards may be included in an Addendums section.

In providing your feedback, please consider the following questions:

  1. Does the report adequately address the above categories? I.e., does it both describe and demonstrate that UAA is making progress in these areas? Is there enough evidence to back up statements, without getting into too much detail? (The report is meant to be brief.)
  2. Does the report provide a true and accurate picture of where we are in our preparations to demonstrate mission fulfillment as it relates to student learning, achievement and the closing of equity gaps?
  3. Does the report tell the story of UAA relative to where we are, where we want to be, and how we plan to get there as it relates to student learning, achievement, and the closing of equity gaps?
  4. Do you have input relative to the areas marked in red, where we are asking for further input and/or detail?

The draft report results from the efforts of many individuals across the institution. Please see UAA’s Accreditation website for more details.

With appreciation,
The NWCCU Mid-cycle Report Writing Team

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