Shared Services implementation update

by Bill Jacob, Interim Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services  |   

Dear UAA Community,

I am writing today to provide an update on the launch of UAA Shared Services.

I am pleased to share the new start date for UAA Shared Services is March 14, 2021. The original date in early January was postponed to allow for additional planning and preparation. While the launch date is a significant milestone in this transition, we do not anticipate any change or disruption in the unit’s provision of finance, travel, procurement and human resources services. On March 14, approximately 45 administrative staff from across UAA will begin reporting to the new UAA Shared Services unit under current processes. However, most will still be performing the same duties for the same units and areas they have been serving to date. In the months that follow, we will begin a sequence of process improvement projects designed to bring greater efficiency and stronger service to our customers.

Town Hall Meeting
On Jan. 28, I hosted a virtual town hall meeting to answer questions about UAA Shared Services. Ninety-five of our administrative employees who completed the shared services current state questionnaire in November were invited to attend. During the active hour-long session, I fielded approximately 40 questions on a variety of topics related to UAA Shared Services. The town hall meeting was recorded, and you can find it on the UAA Shared Services Implementation Project website. If you have any questions about UAA Shared Services, do not hesitate to send us an email.

UAA Shared Services Advisory Board
In order to support high-quality services and assure customer satisfaction, we are creating the UAA Shared Services Advisory Board. The seven-member advisory board will be an influential body designed to provide guidance to UAA Shared Services leadership on matters such as service array, performance standards, communication and customer satisfaction. This important group illustrates our commitment to provide strong customer service and hold ourselves accountable moving forward. More information about the membership and role of the UAA Shared Services Advisory Board can be found on our website.

Director of Shared Services Recruitment
We recently announced the recruitment for the first director of UAA Shared Services. The director will lead a team of over 40 administrative professionals and will be responsible for achieving the vision of UAA Shared Services — “to be the primary source for trusted, high-quality and customer-friendly administrative services.” This search is open to all qualified individuals, whether within or outside the university system, who can bring the leadership, skill set and experience necessary to lead UAA Shared Services. Dean Jeff Jessee is chairing this search, and I hope to have the director in place by April.

As always, your questions and feedback are greatly appreciated. To get in touch, send us an email or contact any member of the Shared Services Implementation Task Force.

Bill Jacob
Interim Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

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