Campus Computer Update Project

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Most computers on campus have been turned off for over a year. When faculty/staff return back to campus and turn on their computers, the computers will want to perform security and Windows updates, which may take hours to complete. To minimize future work downtime/disruptions for staff and faculty, ITS field technicians will be pro-actively updating most onsite computers over the next 2.5 months.

What is going to happen?
Beginning Monday, June 14, through the start of the fall semester, UAA Information Technology Services will be performing a planned repair and update process on all windows computers located on the UAA campus. UAA IT Service Field Services Technicians will be going to each room, identifying computers to be updated and performing maintenance as needed. Computer maintenance includes one or more of the following: updating security settings, performing windows operating system updates, confirm network connectivity to the UA system and other items as needed.

Why is it important?
The worked performed will fix security vulnerabilities and known Windows issues. It will also upgrade the computer to the newest version of Windows 10, which may include some additional functionality. Lastly, it will install tools to help diagnose hardware issues that are causing a degradation in performance.

How will this impact you?
Field Services will analyze computers and perform the following actions:

  • If the computer is powered off, the update and maintenance will be performed.
  • If the computer is powered on, and no one is logged into the system, the update will be performed.
  • If the computer is powered on and you are logged into the system, field technicians will record the name/location of the computer and revisit at a later date.

Computers will not be available for use during the updates and system maintenance. System updates and maintenance will not impact your data or login credentials.

What can you do to prepare?

  • If you use remote desktop to access your computer on campus, close any open files and log out of the computer (not just disconnect) when not using the system.

UAA IT Services will continue to provide updates to the university community as they become available. If you have questions or concerns, please contact IT Services Technical Support Center at 786-4646 or

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