Classroom technology updates and refreshers

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During the campus closures due to COVID-19, IT Services has been working hard on upgrading your experience in the classrooms. As a result, nearly every classroom managed by IT Services has been upgraded in some fashion. While we recommend visiting the classrooms (safely) to check the spaces for your needs, we recognize that this may not be easy for all of you. As such, here is a summary of the biggest changes you will see in some classrooms:

Updated Control System - The way that you interact with the room has been upgraded in an effort to make it easier to do common tasks in the rooms. We welcome your feedback, positive or constructive, so we can better refine the system to meet your needs.

Wireless Sharing - Many classrooms have received a wireless sharing device. This will allow you to share your screen from most network-connected smart devices including Phones, Tablets, and Laptops. Instructions will appear on the screen and we recommend testing this prior to class so that we can answer any questions related to the technology.

Hybrid Classrooms - Many more classrooms are now capable of web conferencing like Zoom, Blackboard, or Teams. You will see this option on the control system home page if it's available in your room.

Remote Support - Due to upgrades in the technology, we can assist many users remotely. Please give our technicians in the Technical Support Center an opportunity to help you by providing as much information as possible when you call.

Please note that we will be providing training at Academic Academy on Aug. 15 and encourage you to register for those sessions if you have any questions about classroom technology.

Feedback or questions should be sent to the Technical Support Center at 907-786-4646 or so that we can ensure that you have a smooth experience in the classrooms.

Welcome back!

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