Driving to campus? Take a tip from us!

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Hey, Seawolves!

Commuting to campus is a shared experience familiar to the majority of seawolves at some point in their UAA journey. If you will be parking a vehicle on-campus this year, here is some information you might find useful:

  • Park on campus - Parking permits are required to park on campus this academic year. For students, permit fees have not increased. In fact, priority permit prices for students and many citation fees have been reduced. Buy your parking permit.

Even if you're not planning on being on campus regularly, you may need to drop by to meet your advisor or host your very own radio show on KRUA 88.1-FM. Additional parking and transit options include:

  • Pay for the day - The Pay’n Park kiosks, located throughout campus, are useful for those who do not plan to park on campus often.
  • Pay by app - The Passport App is another convenient way to pay for parking on-the-go using your smartphone.
  • Ride the PeopleMover - The U-PASS program is operating and gives you unlimited, free use of the Municipality of Anchorage PeopleMover and Mat-Su Valley Transit bus services using your WolfCard.

Questions about parking on campus? Feel free to email uaa_parkingfrontdesk@alaska.edu or visit the Parking Services website, which offers more information on available services, including jump starts and safety escorts, or on purchasing a permit and enforcement times.

See you on campus soon! 

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