Support and resources following recent events in Afghanistan

by Sean Parnell, UAA Chancellor  |   

Dear UAA Active Duty Service Members and Veterans,

In light of the recent events in Afghanistan, we want you to know the University of Alaska Anchorage community stands with you.

We recognize Alaska and UAA’s military community has many active duty, Reserve and National Guard, veterans and family members who have been deployed and served our country. We are grateful for your incredible sacrifice and service as part of our nation’s armed forces. Recent images of events unfolding in Afghanistan as the U.S. has withdrawn troops reminded me again of the sacrifices many of you and your families have made for us. We are here to support and listen to you and your loved ones.

Feelings of distress regarding this situation are completely understandable. In the coming days, weeks and months, you may feel the need to reach out to talk about your experiences. Your voice and stories are meaningful, impactful and deserve to be heard.

Please know the UAA community is here to assist and support you and your loved ones, and there are many on-campus and local resources available to help you navigate this challenging time, some of which are included below.

On-campus resources

Local resources

National resources

Sean Parnell,
UAA Chancellor

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